About Us

In late Autumn of 2016, a young Sydney-sider witnessed nature and man come together in a way he had never seen before. Whilst filling up at a local Shell, he basked in the grandeur of the magenta skies juxtaposed with one of mankind's greatest engineering and architectural achievements - the Servo. 

It was on this day that Servo Sunsets was born. The mission was simple: to share the best Servo Sunsets Australia and the world has to offer. Servo lovers from all over flocked to the idea like school kids to 7-Eleven on free slurpee day. 

In late 2018, it was time to take the concept one step further. Servo Wear was established as an extension of Servo Sunsets, enabling Servo enthusiasts to embody the humble Servo in ways never before imagined.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer - happy shopping you bloody legends.